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2022 Spring Tournament

Excitement is building for the 1st Annual Spring Kick-off National Tournament

Let's Spring tennis with a bang. We're going to book the USTA National Campus and play will be on HarTru courts.

1 Way to Qualify:

(1) Any player that has played 15 or more league matches in the past 12 months.

When And Where:

  • FRIDAY March 18th TO SUNDAY March 20th, 2022 at USTA National Campus, Orlando Fl.

Long Weekend Program:

  • Friday 2PM start time to 9PM: Matches start. (You CAN play 2 - 2 out of 3 - Four game pro sets (NextGen format with Ads and 7 point tie-breakers)
  • Friday no later than 6PM: The latest a player can start their Friday matches.
  • Friday matches are OPTIONAL, players can choose to play 0, 1 or 2 matches.
  • We have lighted courts so matches will go into the evening.
  • Saturday Morning: Seeding matches will continue (You WILL play 2 more - 2 out of 3 - Four game pro sets (NextGen format with Ads and 7 point tie-breakers)
  • Championship Sunday (Not everyone qualifies): Quarterfinals, Semi-finals and Finals

Skill Levels:

Men's Advanced 4.0, Advanced 3.75, Competitive 3.5, Competitive 3.25 / Skilled 3.0 and Women's Competitive 3.5

We have a free entry spot for Tournament helper. Your job will be to directly involved with the operation of the Tournament but you'll also be able to play in the tournament. Main tasks will be player communication and making sure players are making out to their court assignments.

We're not medical experts but we've run 2 Tournaments since COVID without issue. Omicron might peak by early Feb leaving us in a safer place for a mid March Tournament. We will definitely demand any sick patients to not travel to Orlando. Also want to make people aware that where the facility is, there is an uncomfortable amount of planes landing overhead into Orlando International airport. Not sure why they ever said yes to buying that property.

Tournament Format:

The Friday and Saturday results will be used to determine the qualifiers for the Championship Draw and Consolation Draws. We will guarantee a 1.5 hour break between the Sunday matches. The number of players who qualify for Championship Sunday depends on the number of player's in the Division. Not all players qualify. There's no consolation draw for non-qualifiers.

*Winners will be crowned 2022 Spring Champions.


$79 for all participants


Final amounts is $100 gift card to the Winners and $50 gift card to the Playoff runner-ups. Prizes can be influenced by any sponsors that come on board.

Travel Arrangements:

Travel arrangements will be covered by the players, not by Tennis League Network, LLC.


Tournament Sign-up deadline is Tuesday, March 1st.

Ultimate Goal:

The tennis should be quite exciting, the players should be amp'd up for the tournament.

Hotel for Out-of-Towners: We'll be signing an agreement with a local hotel

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